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Gh.wildlife & Nature Conservation Advocacy🇬🇭🌳🦔🐾🐬
We welcome ourselves to this noble platform. One may inquire about the objective of creating this platform or NGO. As the name has been stated already as GH Wildlife and Nature Conservation Advocacy, this is a registered NGO under the registrar general department that operate into issues about wildlife and nature. As a supporting network, we seek to complete the following goals namely. I. To save our lovely wildlife and Nature against indiscriminate human activities. II. To provide public education to people on how to conserve our wildlife and Nature for the future generations. III. To rescue them from these hunters or poachers, rehabilitate them and make sure to release them back into their natural habitat when necessary. IV. To bring all wildlife and nature activists under a common canopy. V. To guide all wildlife enthusiasts who wish to create their mini zoo. VI. To answer any questions that relate to wildlife and Nature.

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